Summer is a pronoun of torridity, which sweats pedestrians’ shirts and makes them frustrated. Most of us even have no mood to focus on clothes matches. Here, I will recommend a good way to help you upgrade your stylish feel without effort in such a hot environment. It’s also the hottest fashion trend in 2021. It is a paperclip chain.

Are paper clip necklaces out of style?

The trend of paperclip chains is as hot as our summer weather. However, you will not feel sweat and slimy, when you wear it to go out. It is because paperclip chains have clean lines and minimalist design, which is that the link is shaped like a paper clip. When you first look at the design, you will be impressed by its simple.

Furthermore, the paper clip chain is a basic type of chain which could be available for different clothes styles. Paperclip chains also could be your first choice on some special occasion. If you try to take a series of pictures which could be posted on instagram as your debut. Paperclip chains are your powerful partner to level up your fashion sense with its popular design. When you travel to the beach, a paperclip could be used as a swimsuit decoration. By the way, if your paperclip chains is unwelded chunky chains, you could take part in the paperclip links to pin the swimsuit string, which improves the integrated sense of dress style.

Can the paperclip chains stack two layers?

Some customers also ask whether the paperclip chain could stack two layers? My answer is Yes! On if you act up to the following tie-in rule:

  ·Basic chains+Major chains

  ·Long chain (80cm)+findings (charm/pendant/others)

The first taboo of stacking two layers is too many findings. You can’t regard the behavior of wearing two types of chains as stack two layers. Accessorizing is an art. You could imagine accessorizing is painting. The basic type of chain is the background scene, and the major chain is the focus of the whole picture. With its simple line, it could be an ideal chains which don’t distract attention from the major chains. It also set off the beauty of major chains. The second rule is decorating the long chain with other findings. Let’s take this type of necklace as an example.

The whole length of this necklace is 83 cm. The 6-8mm luster fresh water baroque pearls and the simple style paperclip chain are a good combination between modern and vintage. Different with lobster clasp, toggle clasp is also a part of the design. The special structure of clasp can become the second focus of the necklace.


All in all, paperclip chains could meet our diverse fashion needs. Paper clip chains also is now fashion’s latest jewelry must-have jewelry upgrade. You can even spotted them on some web celebrities. Therefore, you don’t need to worry the paperclip chains is out of fashion. If you are hunting for the wholesale manufacturer, you could find Renfook, a stable global-chain suppliers. Renfook also provides silver clay jewelry, slide charm bracelet and other products