When you hunting a piece of jewelry on the online website, you can see all different  texture or surface effects. Today we are introducing the main effects working in Renfook Jewellery.

Sunken Hammer

Sunken Hammer is a technique that distresses the smooth surface to create a bent, wavy, or flattened effect. It also hardens wire and adds a special texture to it.

Procedure: In Renfook, this hammer finish surface is handmade by our workers with drill bits. Compared with the ball-pein hammer, the drill bit could give us a more delicate texture. To get the same nice texture and cost saving,  we usually use silver mother mold with a hammered finish surface and put it into mass production. The texture is a bit sunken or engraved. But it has diamond cutting looking. 

Raised Hammer

Raised hammer requires the goldsmith has high skills and workmanship.  It needs 100% hand-made.

Procedure: The goldsmith would melt the silver and solder on the jewelry surface. It takes a lot of time to do. So we will make this texture on the silver mother mold, then we can make mass production by this. This is the best seller during these two years. 


Description: This earring stud is like a C shape, but with 100% hand-made raised hammer surface. Look very unique and minimalist.

Wearing Occasion: Party


If you like matt surface jewelry, you may like the satin finish. Compared to shiny surface, it looks matteAfter the machine polishing, we  use emery to make the matte surface.

Like the photo, once you use shiny surface pearls matching with satin earring, then it has strong contrast effect.


A brushed finish is more rustic. Slight touch, you could feel the stroke marks. 
Producure: After machine polishing,  need our goldsmith use rotative tool to produce this treatment. Big rotative tool to get thick brush, small one to get thin brush, some even sandy paper to get tiny brush effect. 

Description: This elegant earring is made of 925 sterling silver, gold plated, thick brush surface and baroque fresh water pearls. 

Wearing Occasion: Every occasion, from casual gathering to formal events.


The entire series of polishing tools and the superb skills of the craftsmen make surface of the jewelry pieces have a bright effect, like a shiny mirror. Such a shiny surface also add a bright scene to your whole dress style.

Description: This butterfly pendant is made with shiny surface, different colors (silver, rose gold and yellow gold )plating. 

Wearing Occasion: Every occasion, from casual gathering to formal events

The best to know the above is to help you to design your own good jewelry, some nice jewelry are always multi- effects conbination. Like the below earring is shiny, thick brush and satin three effects together, with two tones colors plating. 


After reading this article, you may have a brief and clear impression about the surface effects of jewelry. I believe it could help you select your ideal jewelry. If you happen to have interest with our products, you could contact us, Renfook, your professional silver jewelry expert.